Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Loving God above all

From Augustine:
'What is the object of my love?' I asked the earth and it said:  'It is not I.'
I asked all that is in it; they made the same confession.  I asked the sea, the deeps, the living creatures that creep, and they responded: 'We are not your God, look beyond us.'
I asked the breezes which blow and the entire air with its inhabitants said: 'Anaximenes was mistaken; I am not God.' 
I asked heaven, sun, moon and stars; they said: 'Nor are we the God whom you seek.'
And I said to all these things in my external environment: 'Tell me of my God whom you are not, tell me something about him.'
And with a great voice they cried out: 'He made us.'
My question was the attention I gave to them, and their response was their beauty.'
Confessions, 10.9.

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