Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Foundations: New Consulting Editors

Later this month there will be a mailing to all churches connected to Affinity giving an update on Foundations (the Affinity theological journal). Let me give you an online heads up about our new consulting editors. They are:

Rev. Prof. Edward Donnelly
(Pastor of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church, Newtownabbey, and Principal of the Reformed Theological College, Belfast)

You can listen to some of his semons online here.

Dr. Garry Williams
(Director of the John Owen Centre at London Theological Seminary)

You can read his recent article "John Calvin in the Valley of the Shadow of Death" here.

Rev. Dr. Iain. D. Campbell
(Pastor of the Free Church of Scotland in Point on the Isle of Lewis)

You can listen to his recent sermons here.

Dr. Peter Williams
(Warden, Tyndale House, Cambridge)

Theology Network has some articles by Pete here . His lecture on Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus is here, and his debate with Ehrman on the reliability of the NT is here.

Dr. Daniel Strange
(Oak Hill College, Southgate, London. Dan is the Friends of Oak Hill Lecturer in Culture, Religion and Public Theology)

You can read Dan's article on Christian uniqueness, pluralism and the 'Theology of Religions' here.

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