Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Name that legalist: a game the whole church can play

OK, this is round one of "Name that legalist: a game the whole church can play."

Who wrote this?
Therefore it is not without reason that the Old Testament command was to write the Ten Commandments on every wall and corner, and even on garments. Not that we are to have them there only for display, as the Jews did, but we are to keep them incessantly before our eyes and constantly in our memory and to practice them in all our works and ways.

Each of us is to make them a matter of daily practice in all our circumstances, in all activities and dealings, as if they were written everywhere we look, even wherever we go or wherever we stand.

Thus, both for ourselves at home and abroad among our neighbors, we will find occasion enough to practice the Ten Commandments, an no one need search far for them.
Don't consult google. Have a guess. Here are the usual suspects:

The answer, of course, was d) Luther

a) Marcion

b) Pelagius

c) Augustine

d) Luther

e) Calvin

f) Wesley

g) Finney

Well done to Messrs Walker and Bennett. Luther of course was no legalist, unless you count saying anything positive about God's law and the Christian life as a form of legalism.


Phil Walker said...

Not an English speaker; that's under translation, that is. Surely it must be a Reformation bloke, although either Luther or Calvin could have said it. I'm going to go for Luther, purely on the basis that of the two he probably had the less refined way to express his view that the Jews kept the Ten "for display only".

M. Jay Bennett said...

Uh . . . sounds like Luther.

Can I buy a vowel? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... That doesn't sound like legalism.

Jon said...

So the point is we should all be legalists?