Monday, December 01, 2008

Liberalism with a new lick of paint

In my contribution to Reforming or Conforming? I argued that in several ways the emergent/emerging church agenda resonates with the theological liberalism of Machen's era. Affinity, with permission from Crossway, published an edited version of my chapter here.

Michael Witmer, in his ETS paper, makes the case that many of Brian McLaren's new ideas find their provenance in the liberalism that Machen confronted here.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen much evidence of the
emergent church here in the UK ?

I have seen Jonny Baker, Tall Skinny Kiwi etc on the internet, but aside from people previously involved in the alternative worship scene and Celtic worship (which were never very big) and ex theology students, I'm not seeing a big market for it here, although I am aware some of the big charismatic groupings like Vineyeard and Icthus do have Emergent type fellowships.


Martin Downes said...

Not massively. But it is hard to quantify, and hard to avoid being anecdotal. Do we count church groupings? The influence of books and blogs?

I was disturbed to read that Brian McLaren is speaking under the banner of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland, especially as McLaren is so openly opposed to penal substitution.