Friday, January 11, 2013

The ordering of our faith: the blessed Trinity

This, then, is the ordering of our faith....God, the Father, uncreated, incomprehensible, invisible, one God, creator of all.  This is the first article.

The second is the Word of God, God the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who was revealed to the prophets...At the end of the times, to sum up all things, he became man among men, visible and palpable, in order to destroy death and bring to light life, and bring about communion with God.

And the third is the Holy Spirit, by whom the prophets prophesied and the patriarchs were taught about God and the just were led into the path of justice, and who in the end of times was poured forth in a new manner upon men all over the earth renewing man to God.

Irenaeus of Lyon, (130-202 AD)

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