Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God, the final reference point

Van Til got it right:
If one does not make human knowledge wholly dependent upon the original self-knowledge and consequent revelation of God to man, then man will have to seek knowledge within himself as the final reference point.

Then he will seek to have an exhaustive understanding of reality.  Then he will have to hold that if he cannot attain to such exhaustive understanding of reality, he has no true knowledge of anything at all.  Either man must then know everything or he knows nothing.

The only way by which this dilemma can be indicated clearly is by making plain that the final reference point in predication is God as the self-sufficient One.
A Christian Theory of Knowledge, p. 17

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Nicholas T. Batzig said...

As Sinclair Ferguson says, building on this statement by Dr. V, "The Christian knows a little bit about everything, while not knowing everything about anything." I have found Van Til very helpful in this regard. Man must know everything in order to know anything truly. While we do not and cannot know everything, we know the Christ who knows everything, and who has revealed everything He wants us to know in His word.