Friday, April 30, 2010

Sabbath: An opera in seven parts (Iain D. Campbell)

My friend Iain D. Campbell gave a majestic overview of the Sabbath at the Banner of Truth ministers conference this week. His subtitle, for what was a biblical theology of the Sabbath, was "an opera in seven parts" (the music by the way, Pietro Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana, is sublime).

I did not expect a message on the Sabbath to be so profoundly moving and had to wipe away tears as Iain spoke of the Lord of the Sabbath resting in his grave and then, beheld by angelic eyes, rising from death so that we may enjoy a better Sabbath.

I would highly recommend that you get hold of the recording, which you will have to buy, but which I can assure you will be worth every penny.

To do so it would make sense to contact the Banner of Truth UK office at and they can then point you to the professorial looking Rev. Ian Densham who does the recordings (and who in fact looks like the professor from the Weetos advert...)

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Jonathan Hunt said...

Get it right. He is the Rev. Dr. Ian Densham, and cheques must be made out to him. (lol)

Alternatively, wait for one of your pastor mates who was there to get their recordings, and borrow them.

To me, it does seem rather expensive.