Sunday, January 17, 2010

A bad, bad review of Risking the Truth

On the whole reviews of the book have been very good. Until now...

On Saturday I was cleaning out the rabbit hutch and asked my eldest daughter Lowri, aged ten, to fetch the newspaper to line the bottom of the hutch.

She went off and returned with a copy of Risking the Truth and promptly handed it to me.

I still can't think of a decent response.

On the other hand I'm grateful to Lane Keister for his review over at his stellar Green Baggins blog.

I'm also grateful that Risking the Truth was one of three Christian Focus titles that made it into Phil Johnson's top seven books of 2009 (for the whole list go here).

Phil kindly said:
This is a refreshing compilation of articles on dealing with heresy and heterodoxy in the church...I'm not always a big fan of symposium-style books (even though I have contributed to a few). But this one really hangs together. Keep it by your bedside and read a chapter a night. Good stuff.

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