Thursday, October 08, 2009

Editor of Foundations

As from this week I have been appointed as the new editor of Foundations, the Affinity theological journal. I will be taking over this role from Dr. Ken Brownell who has very ably edited the journal for a number of years. Although it is currently print based we will be reviewing the format of the journal. I'll keep you posted.

Here's the blurb:
Foundations is published by Affinity in April and October. Its aim is to cover contemporary theological issues by articles and reviews, taking in exegesis, biblical theology, church history and apologetics - and to indicate their relevance to pastoral ministry. Its policy gives particular attention to the theology of evangelical churches which are committed to biblical ecumenism.
You can learn more about the journal and download some items by going here.

In addition to this I will also be co-chairing the next Affinity theological studies conference. This will take place during the first week of February 2011 and will be on the doctrine of Scripture.


Gary Brady said...

Congratulations Martin. Every blessing in this important work.

Marcus said...

Great stuff. I regularly enjoy it. Ken's done a good work here, I'm sure you will too.

R. Scott Clark said...

Congratulations Martin. They made a very good choice.